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Cruise Ship in New Zealand

cruise ship in New Zealand Cruise Ship in New Zealand

cruise ship in New Zealand

It was a great season in November and December 2011 and we are expecting a even better one in 2012. 80 cruise ship are coming to Auckland alone in 2012 and with their arrival one problem: pollution! The air pollution generated by 1 cruise ship in 1 day is the equivalent to 10,000 to 12,000 cars!

They also produce 7 tonnes of rubbish per day and we don’t really know where they dump it. But it is legal(!) to dispose of it only 500m offshore, once they leave the harbour in Auckland.

There’s no doubt that this industry is great for us tour operators but something has indeed to be done to minimize the impact of these big cruise liners!



6 thoughts on “Cruise Ship in New Zealand

  1. That’s right. Maybe it’s too expensive to use more eficient fuels? Also they should take the rubbish with them and not dump it in the ocean? Again, maybe it’s not possible..too much trash to dispose of?

  2. Wow, I am amazed with the amount of polution that one cruise ship can create in only one day. Do you know if the Government is worried about it?

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